After the grand update we`ve balanced verry cruical things like :

  • PvP Balance and PvM Balance;
  • Golden stats balanced;
  • Kundun stats and drops balanced;
  • Selupan stats and drops balanced;
  • Medusa stats and drops balanced;
  • Maya Hand`s and Nightmare stats balanced;
  • 3rd class quest monster stats balanced;

We`ve also configured event timers :

  • Kundun Respawn time set to 6hours;
  • Selupan Respawn time set to 12hours;
  • Medusa Event start at 22:00 (server time);
  • CryWolf Event start at 20:00 (server time);

Event timers might be changed...

Dont bother remembering these event timers, cause new website will have event timer!

Some of the monsters might be verry hard to kill even for 30 res characters, so be aware of that. 

For best results, strongest mobs must be killed with wings + ignore, and weapons + rate, also dont forget about other character buffs.

Some things in PvP and PvM still can be changed, so also be aware of that. 

If anything seems to be unbalanced make sure you contact administration or let them know about that in forum!

Get ready for some real fighting and equipment hunting!!

Also, the promised new website with market and and verry much other things is yet to come in new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Major Update

After almost two full weeks of testing, gathering information and listening to player feedback, we decided to bring new changes to SerpentMU. By fixing bugs, adding new features, modifying current and implementing new systems, we are improving gameplay.
For these changes to work, new game client will be needed. All accounts will stay intact.

If by any chance you’re unable to login with your old password, make sure you write 10 characters long password (first 10 symbols of your old password)

Here is the list of upcoming changes:

New stuff:

  • New launcher;
  • Added character 3rd evolution quest and mastery skills;
  • Implemented new systems;
    Gens system, multi-ware system, anti-cheat system.
  • New in-game “spots”;
  • Offline trading.



  • Balanced monster stats and difficulty;
  • Fixed items upgrade chances;
  • Fixed items option chances;
  • Adjusted EXP rates;
    Including fixed reset EXP rates (dynamic, less EXP with more resets).
  • Adjusted item drop rates;
  • Fixed party EXP rates;
    Two in party, different class – 80%;
    Three in party – 100%;
    Four in party – 110%;
    Five in party – 120%.
  • Adjusted PK system;
  • Other bug fixes.


New commands:

  • /charinfo - Account Name, Character Name, Character Level, Class Code, Swear Warning Level, Map, Wife/Husband, Online Status
  • /setparty - Allows to set password for AutoParty system, (password 4-10 characters), Usage: /setparty
  • /dcfriend - Allows to disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password, usage: /dcfriend


If You encounter any in-game bugs and glitches, please report them to GM.

More detailed information regarding exact rates will be added in forum later on.

Special thanks to: RaimY, Labinais, b1ack (crew), Strelnieks, risen

Best regards,

Welcome to SerpentMU!

Thank you everyone, who registered before grand opening. You all will be rewarded with some bonuses in the future.

And sorry for everyone who waited opening in 31st october, we had still some major issues and great time shortages in our hands.

There is still some issues to be fixed, but not major ones, server is and will be playable and major functionalities of website is up and running too.
In last minutes we had issues with website but they all should be fixed now, still some testing need to be done.

For any bugs please report them in forum or contact administrators ingame.

We will put majority of our efforts to make this website feature full and enjoyable to use!

Server information:

  • Running Season 6 Episode 3
  • Experience: 100x
  • Drop: 45%
  • Max Level/Reset Level: 400
  • Max Reset: 30
  • Reset Cost: 15kk multiplied by Reset Count
  • Points per level:
    • Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, Summoner, Rage Fighter
      • 5 points without Marlon quest
      • 6 points with Marlon quest
    • Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord
      • 7 points
  • Stats after reset: Keep
  • Market & Auction: YES!
  • Shops: Jewels are not in Shops! & only low-tier item shops.
  • Success Rates: Medium to Hard
  • PvP: Balanced - every character is equal (we've tested the balance and did the math)
  • Max Excellent options: 2
  • Max Sockets: 2 & Only different ones each item.
  • Monsters per Spot: 6 - 7 on all maps. (There is no arena)
  • Guild Warehouse: Atlans
  • NonPK Zone: Devias gate


Event information:

  • Golden Invasions: 4 Times a day, Hard difficulty mobs
  • Blood Castle: Every 2 Hours, Blood Castle Box
  • Devil Square: Every 2 Hours
  • Chaos Castle Every 2 Hours, except when the Golden Invasion is starting.
  • Happy Hour Event: 4 times a day. Bonus 35x Exp & 15% Drop
  • Loren Deep Event: Jewels Paradise
  • Loren Deep Erohim Boss, Swamp of Peace Event, Raklion Event, Crywolf Event, Kundun & Kundun Illusion Hard difficulty mobs with Awesome drops.
  • DoppleGanger & Gaion`s Order: Disabled for now, since these events are for strong characters.
  • White Wizard: 4 Times a day.
  • Marry System: Access to Shop, /tracemarry
  • Castle Siege: Every Sunday
  • Sky Event and Moss Merchant event information will be added soon


Website features:

  • Community forum
  • Unstuck Character
  • Clear PK
  • Reset Stats
  • Add Stats
  • Item Market, Sell credits for zen, Item Auction, Sell Character, Trade Online Time, Referral System, Buy VIP have yet to be added
  • Some website features will unlocked some time after opening, so the server stays in balance

Account Login

Server Info

Total Accounts233
Total Characters337
Total Guilds5
Online Users8